The studio



academy of pole

Rugby College

Technology Drive



CV21 1AR

There is a large car park with ample free parking.


If using Google Maps, you can search for academy of pole and it will come up with our studio!

Our studio is based in the Dance Studio (room 204) at Rugby College.


How to find the Dance Studio

  1. Enter the College via the Sports Reception (not the Main Reception)

  2. Please sign in at the reception desk on your right

  3. Turn around so the reception desk is behind you and then walk past the seating area with the vending machines

  4. Go through the single door which should now be in front of you

  5. Walk up the two flights of red stairs to the Second Floor

  6. At the top of the stairs go through the door and walk along the corridor until you come to the main staircase on your left behind a large window

  7. Turn left to walk past the main staircase and carry on walking until you reach the end of the corridor

  8. The Dance Studio (room 204) is through the double doors at the end of the corridor

You can also ask one of the Sports staff on the Sports Reception for directions /assistance to the Dance Studio if you're unsure where to go.

The poles


We have five premium poles which are:

  • From X-Pole

  • 3.4 metres / just over 11 feet high

  • Designed for studios and competitions

  • Dual lined so they're super strong (like you will be if you come along to our classes!)

  • Secured with a mount rather than a dome which means minimal to no risk of the pole falling

  • X-Lock style so can be turned from spin to static and vice versa in seconds

  • 45mm (x three, standard size in competitions) and 40mm (x two) diameters

  • Chrome (x four, the most popular finish) and stainless steel (x one 45mm, perfect for those with nickel allergies)

The safety mats


We also have five premium safety mats which have a:

  • 1800mm diameter

  • 25mm (x three) and 100mm (x two) thickness

  • Non-slip bottom panel

  • Firm polyurethane foam (so you can't feel the floor and virtually eliminates ankle-twisting)

Other good to know information


There are changing rooms with toilets and showers outside the Dance Studio on your right before enter the Dance Studio / on your left as you exit the Dance Studio. There are also larger changing rooms with toilets and showers in the Sports area downstairs opposite the Sports Hall.

We are certified as an approved pole dance school by the Pole Dance Community.

"This represents the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality within the pole fitness industry" - Pole Dance Community